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Handbook of Mold, Tool and Die Repair Welding
by Steve Thompson


List Price: $145.00
Paperback - 250 pages 
(October 1999)
Plastics Design Library; ISBN: 1884207820 
Dimensions (in inches): 0.79 x 10.03 x 7.02


Editorial Reviews
From Book News, Inc.

A practical guide to repair of molds, tools, and dies, offering money- saving advice for companies wishing to become self-sufficient in in- house tool repair work. Offers basic TIG welding exercises for beginners, and step-by-step advice on welding techniques. Contains chapters on writing a weld procedure, identification of material, choosing a filler wire, heat control, weld techniques, equipment, and basic TIG welding. Appendices cover other steels and tool steels, and various measurements and conversions. Of interest to welders and machinists. Thompson is a maintenance welder in the private sector. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Description

This book covers an important and frequently overlooked area of welding - the repair of molds, tools and dies. Because two rather different trades overlap in this process - welding and tool making, the materials and techniques involved have tended to be obscured. For many years, toolmakers and tool users have had to rely on the small number of specialist welders who do understand exactly what welding repair involves and have the skills to carry it out.

Understanding the technical side of tool steels is frequently a problem for welders and understanding the practical side of welding can be a problem for machinists. This book has been written so that specialists from both sides can get to grips with the techniques and procedures involved.

Key Features:

- Wonderfully illustrated with diagrams that explain key points

- Exhaustive reference of steels in the first appendix (48 pages)

- "Reading it is like being taught to weld molds, tools and dies by a friend who is highly experienced in this trade." (Rocky Huber in his review)

From the Publisher

This book is appropriate for both beginning and experienced tool welders. It is an excellent reference and training tool for any level of experience.

About the Author

Steve Thompson is currently a maintenance welder for Alcan aluminum smelter in the United Kingdom. As a novice welder, he noticed the complete lack of textual information concerning welding tool steels, as well as other important parts of his new career. Over the years, he joined the Welding Institute, and started compiling a bank of information from trade literature, welding and metallurgy books, and from metallurgists. Combined with his years of practical knowledge and experience in the field, he is imminently qualified to write such a practical guide.




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